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Alephbet Lesson 1

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A General word of Introduction to the Alephbet Series

The description of the lesson or lesson plan is abbreviated because the material of the lesson is covered thoroughly in the associated video!

The Alephbet Series.  Introduction to the letters of the Hebrew Language.

Lesson 1- the names of the letters

You are presented with the block or printed letters of the Hebrew Language, 22 in total.

Hebrew is read from right to left.  The first download  represents one font of the language only, you will be exposed to various fonts.  The name of the letter indicates the sound that is pronounced upon reading it.

Eg.  Like in English, when we see a ב we make a b sound.  ג gives us a g sound.

A script letter is demonstrated next to each block letter

מנצפך , the five “final letters” that have two forms, one if they are at the end of the word, and the other when they are any other place in the word are demonstrated.

***When describing the script letter aleph I accidentally described the first part of the aleph as “a backward c,” this clearly was an error.  The term “a backward c” is what I use to describe a “Kaf.” When introducing the kaf I corrected myself.

Download:  The block letter pages (3 pages)

A script letter page, with arrows indicating how the strokes        of the cursive/script letters are made.

Assignment: Familiarize yourself with the letters and their names.  Start to write the script/cursive forms of the letters.  (Don’t write the block letter form- no one does that- we all use only script)

Length: 12:20


Lesson 2- Introduction of the vowels and how the letter and vowel come together

Various block and script fonts available in MS Word are presented.  Letters do not, and will not appear only one way. Some examples appear with vowels.    מנצפך as “double” letters is presented.

Download:  various block scripts and vowels

Assignment:  download page and become more familiar with the varying fonts

Length:  3:56

Lesson 3- Vowels, block and script

  1. Letters are presented with vowels. No technical names of vowels are given, rather my user friendly names.
  2. In order to read/ pronounce a letter in the Hebrew language- it must have a vowel either underneath it, or to the left of it. Each letter can only have one vowel.  Examples are given!
  3. I explained shin and sin. Explained ב,כ,פ as first letter of the word
  4. I explained the חטפים

Download:  “different letters with vowels and final letters”

Assignment:  Download the page.  No formal assignment.

Length: 8:56

Lesson 4- Basic reading

Learned the words:  שומר, כלב, משפחה, בית, ילדים, מדברת, לפני

Download :  Basic reading of words page

Assignment:  Go over the reading of the words that we learned together in class

Length: 7:46

At this point in my opinion you are ready to begin Part 1 of this user friendly Hebrew course.  Although you might not yet feel comfortable with your reading abilities, the presentation of the material is made very slowly and sequentially so that you should be able to progress forward despite your limited knowledge and practice at this point.