“I am privileged to have had an opportunity to study Hebrew together with Rabbi Shlomo Eitan for many years. He is an amazing teacher! When we first began our study together my vocabulary consisted only of a few words. Now I feel comfortable navigating instantly binyanim of all varieties. Even the letters comprising Shoresh take on a much deeper relevance in my life. While my vocabulary will always continue to grow, but the foundation, I think, is well in place.

Not only did my Hebrew skills and understanding improve, I also gained a life long friend who helped me to gain a deeper understanding of many areas behind the Hebrew language. For me personally, if a better teacher of Hebrew and related areas exists, I have yet to meet him or her. Shlomo Eitan is exceptional, among the very best of the best.

I am happy to offer my recommendation, this without hesitation or reservation.

Reed H. Petty, B.Sc, MBA, Ph.D.
Arkansas, USA


After multiple rounds of Ulpan programs, semesters of University level courses, computer language learning software, and audio lessons, my Hebrew was going nowhere fast. Learning Hebrew with Rabbi Eitan has given me results quickly, substantially, and headache free! The classes contain tools to approach Biblical Hebrew (something I long doubted my ability in) with confidence and enthusiasm. Rabbi Eitan imparts his students with what they need to become at home with vast portions of the language and empowers them to trouble-shoot difficult passages with high chances of success. With Rabbi Eitan’s unique approach to Hebrew instruction I’m well on my way to mastering the language!

Jonas Kerner


“I had been struggling unsuccessfully to learn Hebrew for many years by various means by the time I came across Shlomo. Within a few weeks of starting to learn with him I had a good grasp of the way the language worked, and was able to work on my own in successfully translating pieces from newspapers with the help of a dictionary.

It was also extremely important for me to be able to converse in Hebrew, to which end Shlomo’s course has also been invaluable.

For any student wishing to learn to understand and speak Hebrew I cannot recommend highly enough Shlomo’s technique for teaching Hebrew.”

Peter Arbeid