Learn to read and understand Hebrew

In 6 easy Courses learn to read and understand any Hebrew text! People who learn how Hebrew "works" become great Hebrew speakers!

Why Hebrew For All?

“If you’ve come to Hebrew for All, it’s because you’ve already made the decision that you want to learn Hebrew. I understand that goal, and for 35 years I’ve gathered the experience to be able to give it to you! You will make it this time.

This time you will learn Hebrew! Step by step….no one fails!”– Shlomo Eitan, founder of Hebrew for All.


How difficult is Hebrew? How long will I need? We've answered most of the common questions on our FAQs page.

There is a course for everyone!

Beginners with no background at all…take the Alephbet course for FREE.

If you’re reading Hebrew in block letters, and able to write in script or cursive letters, move on to Course 1.

If you’ve studied Hebrew in the past and not sure where to begin, read the course descriptions.

If you want to focus exclusively on the language in the Torah, take our Biblical Hebrew class.

Designed for simplified learning and retention.

Comprehensive Course Material

Each course is crafted to help you understand and be empowered by your ability to use Hebrew. Each course comes with the following materials and was developed to be an easy-to-follow, user-friendly learning experience.


Student Testimonials

Finally, an approach to Hebrew that works.

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