Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should take this online course?

Want to read a book? To converse? Read and accurately translate the Bible? This is the gold standard for learning Hebrew well, and in a user-friendly fashion.

2. How do I access the online course?

Once you get a membership you will be able to access our learning portal on your browser

3. What does the membership include?

Access to all courses, except the Biblical Hebrew course which is separate, and practically speaking to understand the Biblical Hebrew course, the prior courses are a prerequisite.

4. In what language are the courses taught?

Rabbi Shlomo Eitan is a former American, for the past forty years he lives in Jerusalem, and teaches in English.

5. When do the courses start? 

As soon as you start your membership! Start today!

6. How long will it take me to complete the courses?

Altogether in the 6 Courses there are 82 videos, and a little more than 9 hours of viewing.  Nobody learns Hebrew in 9 hours! Almost every class has downloadable exercises, which you should do to develop the muscle memory to integrate a new language- sounds fair! Do it at your own pace, be disciplined, and Hebrew is yours.

7. Do I need to buy any additional resources or materials to participate?

All the course material is included in your membership. (At the point that you’ve fallen in love with Hebrew you might want to buy a paperback Hebrew/English, English/Hebrew dictionary.)

8. Are there assignments?

For almost every lesson there are writing assignments and their answer sheets.  You want to do them if you want to learn Hebrew!

9. Are there grades or certificates?

While there is no grading or certificates you can look at every exercise as an opportunity to see how you’re doing.

10. How many hours should I put in practice exercises on top of watching the videos?

That’s up to you! If you do the assignments you’ll be able to move ahead confidently.

11. I have some Hebrew knowledge, where should I start?

The best approach is to start at the beginning so as to not miss out on anything.  If you’ve learned Hebrew in the past, you might be able to rip up the first classes quickly. Since membership includes all 6 parts you can’t go wrong by starting at the beginning, and you might learn a few things you never quite understood! (Aside from that each course has a description of what you walk away with, so feel free to take advantage of that.)

12. Are the classes live or recorded? 

All the classes are recorded, so you have access to them 24/7! (I always encourage taking one day totally off/week when learning a “foreign” language). You have free email access to me, so don’t hesitate to write.

13. Will I be able to speak Hebrew after this course? What level should I expect after completing the course?

The explicit goal of the course is NOT speaking Hebrew, but don’t let that dissuade you. My personal experience is that when my students go off to an ulpan they go to the top of the class! This course is about the operating system for ALL Hebrew, anyone who takes it will read, write, and understand Hebrew. You’ll speak it too, after you put in the practice at that particular skill, which we’re not making our focus point.

14. How can I prepare to make the most out of the course?

If you don’t read or write Hebrew start with the Alephbet course (which is always free). Once you have the most basic reading and writing skills as described in the four lessons of the Alephbet course, you’re ready to go. You don’t have to do any more than that! The videos are yours….if you want watch them a second or third time, same with the exercises.

15. Are the courses accessible offline?

You’ll need an internet connection for the videos, but the course materials are all downloadable.

16. Will the videos expire?

As long as you have an active membership everything is available to you.

17. Is there a refund policy?

Since this is a membership site, and you have free classes which you can use to check things out, there is no refund on your first month of

learning Hebrew. If you discover you don’t want to continue, just click the “stop membership” button from your account settings.

Finally, an approach to Hebrew that works.

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