Our Founder

Shlomo Eitan founded Hebrew for All.  Shlomo is a seasoned educator with a deep love of the language and its heritage. For more than 40 years, Eitan is designing Hebrew classes while teaching students in Jerusalem. His programs and curriculum have been taught at several respected educational institutions, including The Hebrew University and the Jerusalem College of Technology.

Shlomo designs his coursework using what he has learned and continues to learn over a lengthy and ongoing teaching career, allowing him to develop a system that can help anyone and everyone learn Hebrew.

By utilizing shorter lessons and incorporating videos, he found students experienced greater comprehension than those using traditional learning methods. Everything is simplified so that literally anyone can understand the task at hand of the Hebrew language.

Shlomo makes himself directly available to all students, online or otherwise, to help enhance their learning and overcome any difficulties. As always, he’s excited to help bring people the opportunity of learning authentic Hebrew in an accessible and functional way. He is passionate about your understanding successfully, and indeed falling in love with Hebrew, too.

Our Approach:  The Strength Is in the Structure

Shlomo offers you The Master Plan™. It’s the shortest, clearest road map for understanding and effectively mastering the verbs of the Hebrew Language, recognized throughout history as the focal point of the language.

A series of videos designed to offer genuine language skill

Mastering the language begins with owning its intricacies and subtleties. With each step, users of Hebrew for All will gather practical skill. Instead of an obtuse and difficult to understand lecture approach, you’ll hear clear, quick descriptions of each step to help you advance to the next step of acquiring Hebrew. Shlomo doesn’t use traditional grammar terms – which can often be confusing. Shlomo now has more than 45,000 clicks on his Youtube Hebrew For All channel https://www.youtube.com/user/HebrewForAll

The system is forever yours, to maintain and learn further.

Our goal was to create a system that is both serious and fun: serious in its effectiveness at sharing the complexities of language; and fun, to encourage learning and maintain focus. It’s also designed to be used again as a refresher for maintaining fundamentals and applying them as you continue to learn.

Trust a system built on vast experience that has produced many accomplished students.

Hebrew for All is far from a typical language course: here you will see results! And you will own them. Open the door that will give you access to reading, writing, understanding and speaking this beautiful age-old language.

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