Learning Hebrew Vocabulary 3

So we’ve learned that “should we decide to accept” we will learn 3 words per day, and we only do it 6 days per week for the first month.  Giving the brain/yourself a day off is really valuable in my experience.  It helps us cope with potential “brain drain” in face of our natural resistance to learning a new language.  I set the number 3 because I think everyone can do that.  If you would talk to me personally, and I would understand that learning Hebrew was a special challenge to you, maybe I would even agree to one or two words/day if that factor could keep you being consistent.  Consistency is the name of the game, and I’m now going to address a couple of issues associated with the challenge of consistency.

What do you do if you miss a day?  I encourage you to register it as a missed day, and not to cram more words onto the next days quota.  Remember, we’re in this challenge for the long run, and the last thing we want to do is sabotage ourselves by cramming.  At the end of every week I suggest a self test from English to Hebrew.  Testing yourself English to Hebrew, as opposed to the easier Hebrew to English, most accurately reflects the ability of speaking.

If you learned 3 words/day for 6 days that would be 18 words/week, and 72 words in the first month.  In my opinion that is a significant achievement, and most importantly it is changing your brain!  In particular it is expanding your receptivity to a new language!  After the first month we can think about the idea of increasing your daily quota to 4 or 5 words/day.  In month two I recommend that we increase the number of words/day only by a small increment.

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