Learn Hebrew Bundle

Our handcrafted bundle comprises of all Hebrew learning classes mentioned above. At $29.99/month, get full access to Learn Hebrew 1 - 6 courses.

6 Courses | $39.99/mo

Course 1

You start your path to Hebrew knowledge by learning the granddaddy of all Hebrew verbs. You begin writing in Hebrew.


Through 28 sequential classes you will learn to read, write, and understand sentences in Hebrew like:

• What are you buying?
• I don’t see the big stars.
• He has a good friend that learns there.
• Can you put the money in my room?

You conclude Course 1 learning the past tense of לשמור- type verbs.


Course 2

Course 2 is a direct continuation of Course 1. You begin this course of 10 lessons with a review of לשמור – type verbs.


We then learn the past tense of לקנות – type verbs. We then learn the special functionality of the “guttural” letters.

This is followed by the past tense of לקום – type verbs. Then we learn the popular verb להיות. One can read, write and understand Hebrew sentences like these:

• She saw the small child.
• The machines aren’t operating.
• He didn’t have an answer.
• When were they here?

Can you accurately translate the above sentences? If not, please consider buying or redoing Course 1.


Course 3

In Course 3 we learn in 10 lessons the present and past tenses of 4 major verb patterns לדבר, לנסות, להלביש, and להתלבש.


In addition we introduce a new pattern of “total exceptions”: verbs like לשבת. This course is intended for those who have completed Courses 1 and 2. At the completion of this course you will be able to write in Hebrew, and to comprehend sentences written in Hebrew like: • She cleaned the room two hours ago. • We got dressed in our room. • How did he explain the problem? Can you accurately translate the above sentences? If not, please consider buying or re-doing Course 2, Course 1 or both. Your Hebrew is as weak as the weakest link in its chain!


Course 4

In Course 4, which is comprised of 11 lessons, we learn the future tense of 7 distinct verb patterns, which we know from the Master Plan.


The future is the easiest of all tenses to learn. In addition we learn the practical uses of more critical “connecting words.” At the completion of this course you’ll be writing Hebrew sentences and comprehending Hebrew sentences like:

• You will get used to the weather.
• He won’t agree with you.
• We won’t launder our clothing.
• He will build his home from wood.


Course 5

Course 5 takes us deeply into the future tense. Based on learning that we did in Course 2, we now learn about their impact in the future tense.


In addition we learn the future tense of those verbs that have a י (yud) as their first root letter. We add in some more advanced connecting words, and then learn 3 (!) new patterns in the Master Plan, known respectively as להיכנס – type verbs (which are “passive”- don’t worry, I explain this simply); those verbs whose first letter is a נ, and those verbs that appear to have 4 (!) root letters.

As always, the exercises are there to help you get a firm hold on the material.


Course 6

In Course 6 we go into much more advanced material. For those of you who also dream of mastering conversational Hebrew this material is indispensable!


Our first two lessons are the 2 most significant sub-patterns of the להלביש pattern.
After that we learn the major sub-pattern of להתלבש, which is called “the whistling letters.” (the name will be explained!)
In the 4th lesson we go back to another critical sub-pattern of להלביש, and then in the 5th lesson we do a unit on numbers- which although they are considered notoriously confusing, are presented in a really clear way! Lesson 6 introduces the concept of מרובעים, those verbs that have 4 root letters. Lesson 7 takes us onto a sub-pattern of להיכנס, where the third root letter is a ה. There’s a lot of great learning to do here! Enjoy!


"With Rabbi Eitan’s unique approach to Hebrew instruction I’m well on my way to mastering the language!” - Jonas

Gateway to Biblical Hebrew

32 lessons which open up understanding the Biblical text before you.Here you will learn with a relevant approach on how to accurately translate any Bible text.

32 Lessons | $29.99/mo

The Aleph Bet Course for Complete Beginners

The entire four-lesson course takes approximately 30 minutes.

What will I learn? You will learn to identify all the Hebrew block letters, their script equivalents, and how to write them. You will then learn basic reading.When you finish, you will be reading and writing Hebrew. (And on your way to understanding it!)

4 Lessons | Free

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