Learning Hebrew: P.M. Netanyahu’s remarks on the subject

Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks about Hebrew Language learning

On the 24th of October, 2019, two weeks ago, in Tel-Aviv, the General Assembly of The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) took place.  P.M. Netanyahu was interviewed on a number of timely topics.  In one section of his remarks he spoke about Jewish survival.  Here are some of his words, which I’m quoting out of context.  There is a link below so that you can check out his words in context.  Here’s what he had to say which is particularly meaningful for me.  “…, but we have to also work at the continuity of Jewish communities in the world by developing Jewish education, the study of Hebrew, having the contact of young Jews coming to Israel.”

There you have it!  I have always professed that Hebrew is special!  The Prime Minister himself is saying that the Hebrew language itself can serve as a nonthreatening medium.  Hebrew can bind Jews in the diaspora to Israel largely through the commonality of sharing Hebrew language skills.  Hebrew is such a powerful tool in this respect.  So come on and learn it…you’ll feel connected to the Jewish people!

Here’s the link for his words:


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