The Aleph Bet Course for Complete Beginners

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A free “The Aleph Bet” Course (for Complete Beginners)

7 reviews for The Aleph Bet Course for Complete Beginners

  1. Leslie Ann

    Very Good!! Shlomo teaches in such an accommodating patient and kind way! He makes learning exciting and exhibits contagious joy for the beauty and intricacies of the Holy language!

  2. Mercy ola

    I can recite the 22(23) alphabets.i want to learn how to read properly in Hebrew.thanks.

    • Shlomo Eitan

      The goal of the alephbet course is to precisely do that: to help me to learn to read properly in Hebrew. If you do the alephbet course, and follow that with Course 1, which you are being offered for one month free….for sure you’ll be reading Hebrew. You’ll have to go through other more advanced courses in order to understand those same texts. Good luck! SE

  3. Chukwuma

    This is interesting

  4. Pradeep

    Very good

  5. Pradeep Kalliath

    Good lessons

  6. Pradeep Kalliath

    Very interesting

  7. Pradeep


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