Learning Hebrew Vocabulary 1

It’s simply the hardest part of ANY language that we want to learn. Yes, vocabulary- that’s “it!”  I have given thought to helping students who want to improve their learning Hebrew vocabulary, but I’m far from having all the answers or professing that I know how to do it.  I have entered into the challenge of learning a new language for myself, and I’m trying to face the issue directly- so you’re not alone.

In my opening blog I stated that I believe that the most important key to success in language learning, and for us Hebrew,  is passion.  If you’ve got passion in a genuine way- you’ll make it to your goal no matter what.  So first we all have to go through that process of clarification for ourselves. Ask yourself: Why learn Hebrew?

I often tell people that I think that there are more language learning materials sitting on shelves collecting dust…so many good intentions unrealized.

So, here’s a plan: or at least the beginnings of one…

For now, what I have to offer people is my experience in learning vocab. which begins with the low, but meaningful/ significant number of three words per day.  That’s right- 3 words/day!  I think that we have an internal resistance to learning a new language, and hence we’re likely to crash fast if we try to learn too many words/day.  For sure we have the potential to learn a real lot more….but initially above and beyond that small number causes “overload” and often “kills” your dream of learning a new language.  I’ve found that starting with a small number/ day over a period of a month creates a receptiveness/fertility in the brain to the new info. that’s entering.

Learning Hebrew is a challenge.  Whether you want to understand a text, or speak Hebrew, above all you want to succeed.  Start slowly!  I have more to share with you on the same subject in upcoming entries.

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